Why Power Flush?

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Why Power Flush?

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What is Power Flushing?

The objective is to restore systems with circulation and boiler noise problems (caused by sludge and corrosion deposits) which builds up within the system, this is due to  oxygenated water within the system, this causes a build up of Hydrogen oxide gas within the heating system, (This is what causes the need to bleed the Radiators on a regular bases).  This also causes the corrosion and degradation of the heating system as another waste product, (Iron Oxide), is also produced.  This is what clogs up the working parts of the heating system and reduces heating efficiency on the radiators and boiler.  

Is Power Flushing necessary and is it effective? Power flushing breaks down and removes the deposits which build up within the system causing problems to the system and its working parts.  The velocity of the water being pumped by the Power Flush machine, mixed with the chemicals and the ‘agitating’ of the radiators assists in the removal of the sludge within the system.  

If you obtain a Quote from another Power Flushing Company, make sure they offer the following 9 points as part of their standard service;

Flush the feed and Vent pipes. (If a Vented System, and if practically possible)

Clean the Header Cistern, either by removing it or cleaning in situ.  (If a Vented System)

Check all Radiator Valves operate correctly.

Take TDS and Turbidity readings whilst Flushing.

Agitate the Radiators.

Use the Correct Chemicals.

Inform you of the potential risks of pin hole leaks.


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