Primatic Cylinder

When the system is filled, it creates an air bubble that separates the heating water from the potable, (Bathing) water.  Any force will disrupt the air bubble causing the water to mix.  Any chemicals added, ie inhibitor, will mix with the potable water.  This is why Inhibitor is not used.
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Gravity Fed Hot Water Systems

Gravity Fed Hot water systems relay upon the weight of  heated water behind it to push it through the boiler and hot water cylinder, whilst the heating side of the system is pumped.  The boiler sits in between the two systems separating them both from heating and the water.  Most gravity fed hot water systems may be old and work on a primatic cylinder, this means that the cylinder needs to be looped out so as no force can be sent though it, bursting the separating air bubble within.  (See below, left)

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