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One Pipe Systems, Double Entry & Micro-bore Heating Systems.

 Are generally found on the older type of heating systems, they are very inefficient as they  may allow  heated water to bypass the radiators.   One pipe systems may require us to cut into pipe work to adequately flush the radiators.

 These particular type of valves may be old and in need of replacing, the spreader rod within the radiator may have deteriorated and broken off, or it may indeed wind up damaged as a result of flushing.  This type of system would go through the same process as that of a Micro-bore.

 The micro-bore system is very quick and easy to install, indeed within many new builds you may find a micro-bore system either in copper or plastic.  Most micro-bore systems will work on a sealed system as to ensure adequate circulation of the water.  Micro-bore may be problematic as pipes are more prone to blockage and power flushing maybe significantly longer due to the small bore size.

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